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How long will the landscape design process take?

The landscape design process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, or more if you amend the design criteria.  Design duration depends on the project's complexity, current client workload and your timeliness in responding to our communications. 

Will install the landscape?

In many cases, yes, although sometimes our schedule is such that we have to decline.  You can then add to the project scope for us to vet a landscape contractor that could take your project to completion.

What if I want to install the landscape myself or hire my own installer?

We prefer to install our designs because we find others do not have the nursery sources we have for all the plants.  Others find it time consuming to visit multiple nurseries and will make substitutions that change the design or don't suit your site constraints.  Tampa Landscape Design knows which plants work in which conditions and would only substitute as a last resort and would know the right plant for the right place.  Tampa Landscape Design also onlu uses licensed carpenters, masons, lighting specialists, water feature builders and landscaping irrigation specialists.  These associates understand our quality standards and landscape design styles.  Plus, your landscape designer will monitor the installation. However, in rare cases, we reserve the right to decline installation.

What can I expect during installation?

Think of it like any remodeling project, especially if Tampa Landscape Design is using several trades: concrete, masonry, carpentry, lighting, irrigation, electrical, pavers.  It could proceed without a hitch --or-- there could be last minute changes, delays, misunderstandings, surprises, executive decisions made that have to be undone, brain blips, miscommunication, deaths in families, personality conflicts, math errors, hidden below ground obstacles, discontinued inventories, cut cables, broken irrigation lines, and whatever else the universe can cook up.  When you work with Lauren Shiner at Tampa Landscape Design, we prepare you for, and help you work through, any issues that may arise.

What is your refund policy?

Tampa Landscape Design employs a methodical, customer-service oriented, time-consuming information gathering process that usually results in the landscape design that you asked for.  This includes a plant list, a plan, and detail drawings.  If the contract is terminated at any stage of the landscape design process, the client is obligated to pay for the Tampa Landscape Designer's time and incurred expenses at the contractually agreed upon rates, even if there is no plan yet completed. If terminated early (i.e., during or after the initial client interviews and site analyses, photography), there may not be much to reflect the efforts of the designer, but the time/cost will be incurred and due.