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Why Choose Tampa Landscape Design / Build?

1.  The proof is in the portfolio.  When hiring a landscape design firm, request the designer that created a project you saw online and you will be reasonably assured of getting something that meets your requirements.  Tampa Landscape Design's portfolio demonstrates a varied design capability and installation experience.     

2.  Tampa Landscape Design uses the best plants for your site conditions, as well as plants that evoke the landscape style you envision.  To do that, we must get plants from several different nurseries.  We are not constrained by using what's in stock, or what's profitable for one nursery.   

3.  Tampa Landscape Design's professionals create landscapes that will only get prettier (with proper care) over time, not just for the next 3 months.  Tampa Landscape Design chooses plants for their natural characteristics.  We design for maximum enjoyment by including aromatic plants, contrast textures for impact, we choose colors carefully.  Structures, hardscapes, are created to evoke a certain landscape style or ambience. 

What should we have ready for the first consultation?

Clippings of ideas you liked.  If you like our vision and landscape design style, we will sign a contract and receive a 50% design fee deposit, and your property survey for measurements, easements and any new structures.  The time estimate is based on having an updated deed survey to work with.

Do you give landscape design ideas at the initial consultation?

We'll give general ideas based on what you tell us you want, but without solid knowledge of site, soil and code, we can only provide generalizations.  Often, when we sit down for the design meeting, Clients add or subtract from the project scope.

How are fees determined?

  • There is an initial site consult fee for 45 minute visit

  • Landscaped area square footage

  • How much information you can provide: a complete site survey, a tree survey, window and door placement, etc.

  • Number of items that need to be sited.

  • Level of desired client involvement--how many meetings do you want, how many questions are asked requiring research, how many changes are made and at what stage of the project.

  • Intricacy of design, number and variety of plants & drawings

  • Hardscapes: patio, walkways, knee walls, driveway

  • Special features: pool design, outdoor kitchen, berms, fountains, fire pits, lighting, irrigation, putting green

  • Structures:  Arbors, Trellises, Espaliers, Decks, benches, etc.

  • Site constraints, Code restrictions and investigations

  • Project management requirements

  • And if you want to meet outside of office hours--that is billed at double the design rate.

Would you consult with us for an hourly rate?     

Yes, with a three hour minimum, plus travel.